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Monday, February 27, 2012

Loving Life!!

Hello all! I hope you had a great weekend! We sure did! Friday night both my girlies had sleepovers! Yay!!! Miss A and her friend came to the house after school and then were dropped off at a dance. Miss A's friend's mom picked them up and they had a great night! I really like this new friend a lot! She is a really good kid with a down to Earth mom. Actually, the mom and I get along really well and have a LOT in common. I absolutely love it when that happens!! =) CC did not come home after school. She went strait to her friend's house, which was really cool for her. They live in the same neighborhood and CC's friend's mom is pretty freaking awesome, too! I haven't gotten to talk to her a whole lot, but she definitely seems like my kind of person! Unfortunately, though, CC did not make it through the night. I think this was mostly my fault. She had never been to this friend's house before and then didn't even see us after school. I think that if we had spent some time over there together before the sleepover, she would have done better. Also, from 7am till the next day is a LONG time to go without seeing your mom when you are 6 years old. Thankfully, the mom was great about it! She totally understood and we are planning time to all hang out together. =) Saturday, CC had softball practice and Miss A met us there(with her friend and her friend's mom of course). The mom and I talked for quite a while before we both realized that we had to go. It was nice. We did a LOT of yard work this weekend!! Totally scalped our backyard and the landlord(who is awesome) came over with his son to put sod in. Then we went to his house for a late lunch and put sod in his front yard, too! I got to hang out with his girlfriend, who is the BEST, while the guys out in the sod. Well, until we decided to pitch in, too. Man I love it out here! I have made so many friends! So many friends that are just plain awesome!! What was your weekend like?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Our Kids Are Our Future, Educate Them!!

Good morning!!  I have decided to put Flashback Fridays on hold for this week because there is a topic that I think is more deserving of this space and time:


Here's the deal.  The school district that my kids are in is having to seriously consider cutting music and art.  When we were in California, those things had already been cut and I was super excited to see that they were still in place here.  Now our district is facing the same issues that our old one was.

I'm not sure exactly what happened...There are a couple versions that I have heard.  It may very well be a combination of both.  

Version 1:
In Texas, education budgets are not decided yearly.  I don't know how often they are decided.  I think I heard that they are decided every 3-5 years.  The last time the budget was decided and pass by the state legislature, our district was MUCH smaller.  Since the last budget was passed, the town's population has exploded and the budget that was decided on at that time just isn't enough.

Version 2:
The state cut $4.5 million from the budget for the current school year and now the state is requiring them to cut another $1.2 million.

Like, I said, it could very well be a combination of both.  The budget wasn't enough to keep up with population growth and now the state is requiring them to cut funding.  Bottom line, it sucks!

They have already closed one elementary school.  That's why my 10 year old 5th grader is in middle school.  They have shed 70 teachers.  The teachers haven't even had so much as a cost of living pay increase in 3 years.  They tried to keep the cuts away from the kids and parents, but they just can't anymore.  Now, they have to affect us.

The district put an initiative on the ballot in November to raise property taxes on our town residents by six cents.  I don't have all the details on the tax thing, but I was told it would come out to about $36 per property owner per year.  This tax initiative was voted down!!!  Seriously???  You can't put $36 a year towards the future of your town/state/country/world????

The district had open forum meetings this week to discuss what would happen.  I was not able to make it to the meetings due to unexpected and unavoidable things that came up.  =(  What I have heard, though, is ridiculous!!  I mean, I'm sure there were some great suggestions and discussions, but right now, I am going to focus on the story I heard yesterday.

A man in the meeting actually had the nerve to say that the teachers should, "just take 5% pay cut across the board."  WTF???  These teachers prepare your(and my) kids for their future.  They spend more awake time with our kids than we do!!  These teachers are not just district employees, they are co-parents!!  And you want them to take a freaking PAY CUT?!?

The district is putting a new initiative on the ballot for March, but having to raise the six cents to twelve cents because of new cuts the state has required.  I, for one, will be out there voting YES all the way!

But I don't feel like that's enough.  I feel like my kids' education and the future of our country is worth more than a check mark or a filled in bubble.  I can cast my vote, but that doesn't mean that others will.  I want to do more.  I mean, kids are OUR future!  We are responsible for teaching them how to be good, educated adults that will do right for our country.  How are they going to be able to do that if they are not educated?  How are they going to be able to do that if we don't give them the tools they need?  They won't.

I want to get involved, pass out fliers, pamphlets, put up signs, SOMETHING!!!  I just don't know where to start.  Can I even pass fliers out?  Can I put up signs anywhere?  Can I afford to make fliers and pamphlets and signs?  I can't do it well by myself.  I need help!  But how do I even begin?

Any tips you can offer me would be appreciated!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Girls Are Amazing!

Hey there!  So I wasn't able to do my usual Monday post yesterday because the kids were home.  It's hard to write when they are around.  I get into a zone and end up either ignoring them or losing my train of thought.

The girls and I were on our own Sunday night and Monday(no school) since Hubby was pulled away to an out of town funeral.  We had a movie night on Sunday which started off okay, turned to almost cancellation, and got pulled back together.  In my house, we don't reward crappy attitudes with movie night.  I'm glad they pulled it together, though, because Mars Needs Moms was a great kids' flick!

I mentioned, in my Short and Sweet Monday post, that Miss A and I had an interesting conversation.  There was some diaper commercial on.  It was the one where the voice over is talking about how all babies play differently and their diaper is better than all the others because it embraces all the different movements that babies have.  The conversation started when the voice over said something like, "Every baby plays by his own rules."  Miss A immediately pointed out that it's completely unfair for all babies to be referred to as "his" or "he."  I explained that people use the masculine term when they are referring to both male and female.  Like when you are talking about the stars or people(both male and female) that are in a certain movie, you simply say actors.

This did not seem to be a valid enough explanation for Miss A. =) She is of the opinion that people, when referring to both sexes, should specifically mention both sexes.  You know, like him and her, or him/her.  She says it's not right to speak in the masculine sense when referring to females as well.  Quite honestly, I had never thought about it before.  It was always just the way that people talk.  What a bright kid!

CC has been quite the handful, lately.  SO MUCH TATTLING!!!  I am constantly telling her that whatever she just said is not something that she needs to tell about.  I am always having to remind her of the rule that if someone is not getting hurt, already hurt, or doing something that could get someone hurt, it's not "tell-worthy."  Ugh!  It must be a part of the age, but my goodness!!  I just have to remember that being consistent will work!  It's totally hard, though.  I think I might just start ignoring her when she is tattling...hmmm...gotta make sure that I don't cross that line into being negligent, though. lol

Time for happy news for our family and stuff I am totally proud of my kids for!!!

Miss A has a choir concert this week and CC is starting softball!!  Yay!!!  I think that being involved in something will be good for CC.  She did so much better when she was doing cheer!  As for Miss A, I am so super proud of her for getting involved with choir!!  This is a child who has never wanted to be involved with anything(my fault for not forcing her)!  It's nice that she has found something that interests her and seems to make her happy!!  My girls are amazing!!

Anyway, that's enough for now.  Hope you all have a great week and please feel free to share what your child is involved in or any new and fun conversations you have had!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Short and Sweet

Good morning!!  My girlies are home today and I am going to give them my full attention so I'll make this short and sweet for now.  I will post again tomorrow, so be on the lookout!

We had a great weekend.  Hubby left for a funeral last night so it was just us girls.  We planned a movie night, which was fun but started as a bit of drama...This morning, Miss A and I have already had an interesting and enlightening conversation!  We have some things to take care of this morning, but will be spending the day together.

Anyway, the girls are demanding my attention right now, so I have to go.

Look for a longer and better post tomorrow morning!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Flashback Fridays ep. 9

This is a segment of my blog that is all about the past.  Every Friday I will share a part of my past with you, either to show something I have learned, or just because it has been on my mind, or because it's something I feel I should share with you.  Most of the time it will relate to motherhood or parenting.  Sometimes it's whole family oriented.  Sometimes it's just something I want to share.  It will always be something from the past.

I was going through some old pictures of my girlies today and I have decided to share some.  I have been having a really good time with them!!  Enjoy!!

This photo was taken at a friend's house when CC was about a year old...gotta get 'em started young, right? =)

My little Miss A, 4 years old...always so beautiful!!

CC's first time with her hair curled at around 3!  So cute!

Miss A at about 6...she is just an angel!!

This was Miss A's first day of third grade(8) which would make CC about 3, almost 4!

Goofing off at home...they are so much fun!! I think they were 8 and 4 here.

CC's first day of Kindergarten(4, almost 5)!

Miss A(9) broke her pinky playing 4-square! Seriously, weirdest injury I have EVER heard of!

Me and my girlies goofing around together in our old apartment!!  I wanna say they were 7 and 3 here...

I love my kids at the ages they are right now and, honestly, would not go back in time at all.  It sure is fun to look back, though!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekends Are Great!

Friday was the Daddy-Daughter dance at CC's school.  Of course, Hubby took her.  =)  It was so great to watch her getting ready to go out with her Daddy.  First she had to find the perfect dress, then she wanted me to do her hair.  She got ready about two and a half hours before she had to leave!!  They had a ton of fun.  Hubby says they danced together some and CC ran off with her friends some, but she always came back to dance with Daddy.

I really love this kind of thing because I didn't get to do it.  I mean, I had a great step-dad and he was always there for me.  I just didn't realize how great he was until I was too old to do stuff like this.  It is really great that CC and Miss A get to do this kind of stuff.

Saturday was pretty low key.  Hubby went out with his dad and brother for lunch.  It has become a Saturday tradition and it's good for them.  With Hubby gone, the kids and I decided to go to the park for a bit.  It was a nice sunny day.  I figured the girls could go ride their bikes by the park and then play for a while.  We even took Puppy!  She is a HORRIBLE walker, by the way!  Seriously, she pulls and pulls and pulls...sometimes I am scared she is going to choke herself or something!  She is a great dog otherwise, but that walking is insane!  So we went to the park and it was a little chilly when we left, but my goodness!  It just kept getting colder while we were out!  The wind just would not let up!  Finally, I pulled out my phone to check the temperature...41, feels like 37!!!!!  No freaking wonder we were so cold!!  We stayed for a while longer, but eventually gave in...that sun is

Sunday, the girls and I tried out a new church here in town.  I haven't really been an avid church goer since I was, like, 12...and even then I didn't want to go, but now as an adult I have found the desire for a more spiritual existence(I guess you could call it that).  I don't know.  I'm SO not the religious type, but what I have heard about this church seemed to match that.  You know, basic teachings but more focus on how one lives than just religion for the sake of religion.  So we went to check it out.  It was really nice!  I liked it a lot and so did my girlies!  Yay!  I think we will be going back.  Also, just so you know, I will NEVER get super religious on here.  Just not my style.

Anyway, with Valentines Day and my birthday tomorrow I am on Cloud Nine!  I got to finish up Hubby's present this morning(which is why this post is so late) and am attending parent-teacher conferences this afternoon.  It's so nice not to have to dread the reports on my kids in school.  I usually know what to expect and if there is anything that is out of the ordinary, our girls are pretty good about telling us.  They know that it will be much worse if we are surprised. 

I hope you all have a fantastic day today and an even better Valentines Day tomorrow!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Flahback Fridays ep. 8

It has been brought to my attention by a few readers that maybe I need to be a little more clear when I do these Flashback Fridays.  I have come up with a new heading that will be at the top of all FF posts from now on.

This is a segment of my blog that is all about the past.  Every Friday I will share a part of my past with you, either to show something I have learned, or just because it has been on my mind, or because it's something I feel I should share with you.  Most of the time it will relate to motherhood or parenting.  Sometimes it's whole family oriented.  Sometimes it's just something I want to share.  It will always be something from the past.

With Valentines Day and, ahem, my birthday coming up I have been mentally reminiscing about ones past.  I have been remembering the year that my hubby found and bought me the ring I had been wanting since I was 12(an Irish Claddagh with my birthstone as the heart).  I have been reliving our first Valentines Day together when we were 16 and he bought a bunch of bags of Tropical Skittles and picked the two flavors I liked out of the whole bunch and just gave me a bag of those.  That same year we had dinner at Olive Garden and went to see The Tigger Movie that I had been dying to watch.  He has always been super thoughtful.  I really snagged a good one.  =)

Today though, I thought I share about the best Valentines Day he has ever done.  Today, I have decided that I want to make people jealous of me.  lol  Now, I want to make sure that I am clear here.  It's not the money spent, it's the time.  It was the absolute and complete thoughtfulness that makes this particular Valentines Day the best ever.  I mean, of course the presents are great, too, but he made me feel like a princess and that was amazing.

It was a few years ago.  He had the idea to do the 14 Days of Valentines Day!!!!  Right?  How awesome is that?  Every morning for 14 mornings(from January 31st to February 13th) I woke up and got a Valentines Day present!!  Maybe I should pause for a second and clarify for those that don't know.  My birthday is on Valentines Day.  It has always been very important to me to make sure that the two don't get combined.  I'm not being greedy, everyone else gets a birthday and a V-day, I shouldn't miss one just because they happen to be on the same day.  He knows this and has the entire time we have been together, and the great thing?  He agrees!  So the 13 Days of Valentines Day stopped the day before my birthday.

The presents most days were not anything expensive, per se...but they were VERY thoughtful.  I mean, come on, from what I hear, it's hard enough to get most guys to be involved enough to buy one thing that really took some thought.  Mine did it 14 times!!

Here is what it looked like:
Day One: Pink Zippo- I always wanted my own cool lighter, but could never find one I liked(he did!)
Day Two: Starbucks gift card- I don't think this needs much explanation...Starbucks ROCKS!
Day Three: The Host, by Stephanie Meyers- I had just finished reading the Twighlight series and was
Day Four: Lavender scented aromatherapy candle- stress reducer, big time!
Day Five: Alicia Keys CD- LOVE!!!
Day Six: Fandango gift card so I could go see Dear John!!- Such a chick flick!
Day Seven: The original Alvin and the Chipmunks Movie- Childhood favorite!!
Day Eight: CAL t-shirt- I was planning on attending there at the time =)
Day Nine: Panties- cute
Day Ten: Nice bra to go with the panties- pretty awesome!!
Day Eleven: Pretty beads- I LOVE making necklaces!
Day Twelve: The Time Traveler's Wife on DVD- LOVE that movie!!
Day Thirteen: Chocolate covered cherries- These are a holiday MUST!!
Day Fourteen: Very cute and SOFT cuddly teddy bear - again, holiday must! Gotta have the classics. =)

It was absolutely awesome!!  Every mom needs to be spoiled sometimes...Anyway, I hope you are sufficiently jealous, because I am officially in the Valentines Day mood after reliving all that!!  Have a great weekend!!

If you want to brag about the best Valentines Day ever, please feel free to do so here!  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear about other people getting treated well on V-day!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

For All Parents of Girls


Ok, now that that is done, we can get on with it. lol

My daughters are getting older and nearing puberty at an unprecedented rate.  I mean, really, I think they begin to grown faster at this point.  It's really not fair.  It's not fair to the kids OR the parents!  They are little for so long and then ALL OF A SUDDEN, and I mean OVERNIGHT, they are becoming little grown ups!  Someone should have told me that...or maybe I should have listened.

Anyway, as I was saying.  Kids grown up really fast, and since I have no experience with having boys or being a boy, I think I'll write about what I know.  Being a girl.  Well, being a girl and what could possibly be the most traumatic experience a girl(or a parent) can go through...and how to make it easier.

Now, we all know that talking about puberty or a girl's period is no fun.  Oh, well.  Seriously, if you are parent of a girl, you need to just suck it up.  Your daughter will get her period and she should know about it BEFORE it happens.  This should NOT shock her!  I'm pretty sure we have all seen Carrie(if not click here to watch the scene I'm referring to.  You may need to verify that you are over 18).  Now, I have never heard of anyone having an experience quite like this, it being Hollywood and all, but it definitely can FEEL like this to a girl who has no idea what is going on.

When I was young and began mine, I had no idea what it was.  I was not talked to about it.  Now, I turned out fine and my mom did the best she could with the knowledge that she had and I have no resentments or anything.  I just don't want there to be another little girl who goes through the confusion that I did.  I was lucky enough that no one else knew about what had happened(ie: I didn't soil my pants or anything), but I was embarrassed and really did not know what was going on.  I learned the next month when it happened again and finally told my mom the month after that.  NOT GOOD.

PLEASE make sure that you educate you daughters.  PLEASE make sure that your daughters can go to you with questions.  I have been educating my oldest for a while now and she knows what to expect.  She is prepared for the inevitable and, hopefully, I have instilled enough knowledge in her that she will be okay with it.

We all want to avoid uncomfortable situations.  It's a natural human function.  They don't feel good so we don't like to experience them.  Okay, makes sense.  BUT kids need guidance and these uncomfortable conversations are necessary to their growth.  Not talking about it won't stop it from happening.  When I say this, I am taking it to the broadest sense.  Not talking about sex won't make your daughter never do it.  Not talking about drugs won't make them not exist or play a part in your kid's life.  I have mainly focused on a girl getting her period, but this really applies to everything.

As parents, we are responsible not only for how they act as kids, but how they grow up.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: Our job is to make good grown ups.  In order to do that we have to have uncomfortable moments.

Here are a few sites I have found that may help:

Sex - This site is Planned Parenthood.  You may not like their politics, but the advice is right on.  Also, to be fair, if you hate them you are probably not planning to talk to your kids about sex anyway, so just go to the links for the other topics.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Birthday Parties, Donuts, and Generosity

I'm kind of failing at blogging  School has been keeping me super busy.  So, here is my Monday post on Tuesday.

We had a great weekend!

Saturday was my brother-in-law's birthday and we got to celebrate with him!  He is totally into wresting and his mom made him a WWE cake!  It was awesome!!  She made a wrestling ring on top and decorated the sides with cool pictures!!  I am really impressed with her cake making abilities!!  Really, she is super talented!!  I didn't get a picture of the cake, but let me tell you, it was AWESOME!!

CC had a birthday party for one of her friends this weekend, too!  We ended up shopping for a present on Saturday morning, oops...and man was that an adventure!  She is right at the age where she is totally self-centered, but needs to think of others and be selfless and generous sometimes...ugh!  So, we went shopping, knowing what her friend likes, and CC came up with all these ideas for thing that SHE likes to buy for her friend.  I had to remind her that we were supposed to be shopping while thinking about her friend, not her.  Then, when we finally find something that fits what her friend wants, CC gets all upset because she wants one, too!  Again, I had to remind her that we are not shopping for CC and that maybe another day CC can have one, but for right now, we are shopping for someone else and that is the only person we need to be thinking about.  What an experience!  lol  We finally got through it, though, and I think that it was a really good learning experience for her.

Miss A didn't have any plans this weekend, which was nice.  I got to hang out with her while Hubby was out with his family and CC was at the birthday party.  We watched TV and cuddled.  We talked and just hung out.  I love spending time with her when she doesn't have all the pre-teen attitude.  She's pretty cool.  =)

Sunday morning we went to the world famous Round Rock Donuts!!!!!!!!!  They really do have amazing donuts!  We were going to go a lake nearby to see some Whooping Cranes that are not supposed to be here right now, but the lake is, like, 10 miles long and we had no idea where to start looking.  We are thinking that some research should be done before we go.  =)  I mean, I don't really have an interest in walking 10 miles with a 10 year old and a 6 year old to maybe find some birds and then walk all the way back to the car...definitely need find out where on the lake they are hanging out.

So, that was our weekend.  How was yours?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Flashback Fridays, ep. 7 pt 3

This is the third and final installment of Flashback Friday episode 7!!  This is Day 3 of our journey from California to our new home in Texas.  I'm glad I could share this with you.  It really was a journey from an old life to a new one.  Thank you for sharing in the reminiscence with me!

"Journey to our new home - Day 3

Day three began in El Paso, TX and ended at our new home(well, technically at a hotel cause we didn't get to unpack anything).  We ended up leaving the hotel quite a bit later than we had originally planned, but that was just fine by me as I really wanted to take it easy after driving for 2 days and looking at a long third.  Leaving El Paso was interesting.  Heading East on 10 from El Paso, you can see Juarez, Mexico.  It's horrible.  If you don't know anything about it, please feel free to look it up.  What I know is that it is basically run by the cartels and has a murder rate that I don't even pretend to know.  Nonetheless, it was pretty cool to be able to see another country without leaving mine.

Miss A rode in the truck with Hubby again today and CC rode with me in my wonderful comfortable car.  We drove across miles upon miles of desert and mountain today.  I really cannot separate the two in my memories.  We did, however, pass through a Border Patrol checkpoint.  They waved Hubby and Miss A through and stopped me with CC.  The woman came to the window of my door and said, "good morning, ma'am.  Is everyone on board a US citizen?"  Of course I said yes and was on my way.  Now, I don't think anyone harboring illegal immigrants would come right out and say "yes", but they did have a dog walking up and down the line of cars sniffing.  We were on our way as quickly as we had come upon the checkpoint.

We reached our house at about 7:30pm Central time.  It's beautiful!!  We dropped off Tommy, to let him get used to the smells and headed out to dinner with Hubby's dad, step-mom, and brother.  Miss A and CC got to meet another set of grandparents and another uncle!!  Dinner was at a place call Rio Grande and it's tex-mex style food.  Seeing the family was great!  The food was good, not what I was expecting, but good.  I kinda spaced on the "tex" part of the "mex"

We are now resting comfortably at the local Holiday Inn Express.  It has been a long day.  Goodnight."

In case you missed it, here are pt. 1  and pt. 2.

Thanks for reading!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Flashback Fridays ep. 7 part 2

Continuing with our Flashback Friday(yes, I know it's Saturday) we pick up at Day 2 of my family's journey from California to Texas!!  Enjoy!!

"Journey to our new home - Day 2

Today we drove 700 miles!!  Palm Springs, CA to El Paso, TX...that's right, all the way through 2 states!  It was long and hot but so fun!  I had no idea the the desert could be so beautiful or that there was so much land completely uninhabited!  We drove through about 150-200 miles of strait desert.  I was so happy to see the track homes outside of  It was hot!  Miss A rode in the truck ALL DAY with NO A/C, by choice!!  CC, Tommy, and I enjoyed the comfort of my wonderful car with the amazing A/C.

After leaving Phoenix, we saw at least 6 mini tornadoes!  What a sight.  It was unbelievable.  We passed the wildfire that has been burning in Arizona for a couple of months.  I got to teach CC that the plural of cactus is cacti(she loves that word).  We also did a total stupid tourist thing and went to see "The Thing" about 70 miles before the New Mexico state line...well, Hubby and the girls did.  I decided that there was too much possibility of it being something I am scared  Of course it was fake and dumb, but I guess you will have to go see it for yourself if you want to know what it is.  There are about 50 signs for it on Highway 10 East after you leave Tuscon.

New Mexico was pretty boring...Really flat and mundane.  Not a whole lot of color.  A LOT of rocks.  It was pretty though.  CC loved seeing all the boulders that look like they are stacked on top of each other next to the freeway.  Oh!  And I should warn you that Los Cruces smells like a mixture of cows, pickles, and feet!!  SOOOOO BAD!!!

We made it to Texas at about 9pm CA time.  Still hot and kinda muggy, and of course we miss everyone, but it sure is great to be in our new home state.  Tomorrow we will drive the 600 or so miles from El Paso to our house outside of Austin!!  Love you all and good night!!!"

In case you missed it, here is pt. 1 .

Thanks for reading!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Flashback Fridays, ep. 7 part 1

Happy Flashback Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope everyone had a great a week!!  So today we are going to do something special for Flashback Friday.  I have been thinking a lot about how much I absolutely love it here in Texas and I thought I would share with you our journey.  Like, literally, our journey.  I wrote about it when in happened, and put it up on my social networking site, and thought that I would go ahead and re-appropriate it here.  I wrote it over three days and it really is too much to put all in one post....So, this episode of flashback Fridays will be in three parts and will stretch through the weekend.  The first day is in this post, just down a little.  Day two will be up tomorrow at 8am and Day 3 will be up Sunday at 8am, all Central time of course.  I hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane, I know I will!!

"Journey to our new home - Day 1

Today was great.  Long, but great.  We didn't make it to Palm Springs until 6:30pm thanks to the wonderful city of LA.  It was nice, though.  We only made 3 stops.  I couldn't even begin to tell you where they were...  I know we stopped in or near Bakersfield for lunch, but the rest were just off of the freeway somewhere.  My poor Tommy[our cat] got soooo dehydrated today.  Tomorrow, AC for sure!  The girls were really good considering they were stuck in vehicles all day.  I only had to break up a few arguments.  I really don't have a lot to say about today.  I drove the Grapevine for the first time, the wonderful LA smog gave the whole family killer headaches, we spent 2 1/2 hours trying to go 40 miles, we ended in Palm Springs.

I will say this, Palm Springs is beautiful!!!!  I watched the sun go down for a while when the girls and I went to the pool.  It was amazing.  California desert sprinkled with Palm trees with an orange sun going down behind them.  A layer of pink above the sunset and a light to darker blue sky going up.  Absolutely breathtaking.  So much so that I don't think I even got a picture of it.  I was truly transfixed.

The girls and I read The BFG before bed.  If you don't know that book, look it up on Amazon or your local book store and buy it.  It really is one of the most awesome stories ever.  Anyway, time for me to get some sleep...tomorrow will be almost 700 miles(Palm Springs, CA to El Paso, TX).  Good night!!"