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Friday, June 28, 2013

California – In Flight

Yep, I didn't post a single thing last Monday or Friday.  Wanna know why?  Cause I was on vacation!!  These next couple to few weeks I will share that vacation with you...starting now...


Right now I am sitting on a plane on my way to California. It's weird. I really don't like flying. Actually, it terrifies me. I feel a little jinxy writing about this while I'm on the plane, but I think it'll be fine. Here's how my morning went:

3:45am (roughly 4-5 hours after finally falling asleep) my alarm goes off. Immediately I contemplate canceling the whole trip so that I can stay in bed. About a millisecond later, though, I am overwhelmed with the excitement of seeing my friends and family. I got ready more quickly that I knew I could and went to wake my babies.

Both Miss A and CC got the same wake up: “Wake up, it's time to go to California!!”

Both responded the same way: Smiles and squeaks of excitement!

In practically no time we were ready and on the road to the airport.

Before I get to the on the plane part, which if you enjoy laughing at other people's silly fear as much as I do, you'll love, I want to go over the getting to of the airport...

I am not a good passenger in the car. I'm just not. I like my control. I like being the one who does the driving. Being that it was 4:30am, though, I did not even consider the idea of driving a vehicle. Regardless of the reason I am sitting in the passenger seat, though, it makes me nervous. I'm sure there is some deep seated unresolved something or other there, but whatever. So, Hubby drives us, in the dark, to the airport down stupid roads that have no street lights and speed limits that rival racetracks. Yes, this is Texas. Welcome. It's fine at 4 in the afternoon, but at 4am, I'd like some light...something to think about there, Governor Perry...

Anyway, we made it safely to the airport, despite my ridiculous fear that we wouldn't. We got the car parked and got us into the terminal. We got through baggage check and security. We got to the gate in time for the flight and into our seats with no issues. All is good.

Then my irrational fears kick in yet again... Well, they are not completely irrational, but almost. Here's how it went down: The pilot comes over the intercom to give us the information he is supposed to give before take-off, and all I can think is that this guy, this man who is entrusted with the safety of all these people including my family, sounds awfully young. Young and unsure. I'm not sure if his voice cracked because it's super early and this is his first flight of the day or if he is tired and it's his last. Or maybe his voice just cracked because the circulated air on the plane seems to be very dry. Whatever it is, I don't care. All I could think is that this guy is really a kid and this is his first flight ever and...

Yep, totally irrational. Completely unfounded. Incredibly ridiculous.

I'm good now, though. We are over 2000 feet in the air and we are fine. I think that typing all this out kinda helped.

Do you have any irrational fears you want to own up to? How do you do on flights? be time: California – We Have Arrived

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Monday Monday

It's Monday again, and I have to say that I am okay with that.  I know.  Shocking.  It is for me too.

We had a wonderful weekend.  We got to celebrate Fathers' Day with my awesome hubby and our awesome friends!  I am so grateful that my kids have the dad that they have.  I mean, he really is amazing!

I think the most exciting part of my life, right now though, is planning for our trip to visit California.  It's coming up soon and I am so excited!  I have come to terms with certain things that were holding me back, so all that's left is this awesome feeling of bliss!  It's nice to have that feeling back.

See, as a person with life issues, I am prone to letting little crap that doesn't really mean anything fill up my head and my heart.  I have tools to get through it and let go but, as a person with life issues, I don't use them nearly as often as I should.  As a result, I end up sitting in my own shit feeling bad for quite a while before I actually deal.

I finally got to the point where I had to deal, so I did.  I feel so much better!!!

Anyway, enough with the cryptic.  How was your weekend?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Boring, And I Like It

I'm not really sure what to write about today.  I mean, there has been a lot going on, but none of it really seems like it belongs here.  It doesn't seem exciting enough to share.

The girls are doing great, really enjoying the beginning of their summer vacation. 

I'm doing well at work and am being considered for a promotion. 

Hubby is doing well, and being Hubby.

That's all normal life stuff, though.  Actually, thinking about things right this very second, I realize that my life is mostly just normal life stuff.  I mean, sure we have the occasional funny thing that happens, there is the once in a blue moon drama, and more often than not there are mini-issues with the kiddos, but it's all normal.

And it's nice.

I used to think that growing up and getting clean would be boring.  I used to think that there would be nothing to me or my life without the constant string of drama that I dragged around with me.  Who's arguing with who, friends going to jail, or constantly wondering how I was going to pay the bills was my life for a long time.

It's not anymore.  It hasn't been for a while now.  It's still a little strange.

I cherish the slow pace of my life, though.  I like that I get to be picky with who I let in because I don't want any of the drama that is attached to most people.

I think the realization that I have come to is this: I am boring.  I am boring and I like it.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Busy Weekends Are The Best Kind

These last couple weekends have been super busy!  I mean, so busy that by the time Monday morning rolls around,

I feel like there has been no weekend at all...

A couple weeks ago, we had Miss A's birthday party.  Now, her birthday isn't until July, but she wanted to make sure that certain friends could attend so we planned it for during the school year.  The girls had a lot of fun.  We had a scavenger hunt at the mall.  I made a list of things for the girls to collect, take pictures of, and even some silly videos to make.  It was great.  Afterwards, we got some ice cream and each of my girls had a friend spend the night.

<---- I even made t-shirts for the
girls that came to the party! ----->

This past weekend was even busier.  See, little miss CC has become quite the social butterfly.  This weekend was no exception.  She had two sleepovers at different friends' houses and was only home for about 14 waking hours this weekend.  I'm thinking that two sleepovers in one weekend might be a little much for my little munchkin for a while.  While she had a blast, she was super grumpy and touchy during the time she was home.

Miss A ended up having two friends stay the night last night...yep, on a Sunday. Nope, not happening  I mean, the girls were good.  It's just that when I have to get up at 6am, I am not a fan of not being able to sleep the night before because I know the little preteens in the room down the hall are still awake...I'm thinking that sleepovers on work nights are not a great idea.

It was a good weekend, though.  Lots of busy + swimming + poker = awesome weekend for me!

How was your weekend?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Just a Couple of Days

This week was a little different than most weeks.  This week my hubby went out of town, well state, for a couple days.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I mean, he's left for a few days before.  Jobs have sometimes required him to do out of state training and he has gone on trips with friends.  The difference is that this time I really missed him.  Before you start getting all, "you've been married for almost ten years and this is the first time you missed him?!?!" on me, remember that the first few years of our marriage were very different than most couples'.

The point here is that I missed him.  I was genuinely thrown off of my norm by his absence.  I didn't sleep well.  It was hard.

Also, I just want to say that I have a whole new respect for single parents.  I mean, really.  I know 2 days is nothing compared to a lifetime, or whatever it was that someone at work told me when I said this out loud...  Here's the deal:  I did not like leaving before my kid got on her bus, commuting to work, working 8 hours, commuting home, picking this kids up from their respective after school situations, and then being expected to make dinner, and do baths and bed to get them in bed before bedtime.  I mean, thank goodness they didn't have homework!

As it was, we went to the store and I let them pick out TV dinners and they were in bed 30 minutes late because we watched a movie.

Yeah, me = not a fan.

Single parents = heroes in my book

Monday, June 3, 2013

End Of Year Reflections

Wow.  Today begins the last week of school for my girls.  It's amazing how quickly this school year has passed.  Both my girls have grown so much!

Miss A has gone from a kid to a preteen.  I don't like it all the time, but I can see that she is finding her way.  She is becoming the person she is meant to be.  She is about to join the world of upper-middle-schoolers...Oh My...

CC has blossomed from my baby to a little girl.  I mean, she went on a field trip sans Mommy for the first time!  She is going to be joining the upper-elementary-schoolers next year.

Like I said, it's gone by fast.

How has your child changed over the past school year?