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Monday, August 4, 2014

Letting go

So I have already failed.  I wanted to start writing at least one post a week and I completely missed last week!  Talk about a lack of commitment...

Oh, well.  It's Monday and it's a new week.  I can just start again.  That's the awesome thing about life, right?  Having a bad day?  It's only gonna last 24 hours!  Having a bad morning?  Only till noon!  We have this amazing ability to change our perception and change our lives whenever we want.  We are never stuck!

This is something I have to remember for myself every day.  See, I work in sales.  Over the phone.  I get people hanging up on me and yelling at me for existing most days.  How in the world would I be able to continue to do this job if I couldn't start my hour/morning/day/week over whenever I need to?

It's a valuable lesson, though, outside of work as well.  I don't have to sit in a bad feeling.  I don't have to stay in a shitty moment.  I get to leave that minute in 60 seconds and I can choose to leave it behind me.  Now, I can also choose to carry it with me.  We all can.  The problem is that if we choose to carry it with us, we end up carrying around a figurative bag of bad minutes and days that just weigh us down.

One of the main things I try to impart on my little and not so little ones is that they don't have to put minutes in that sack.  They don't even have to have one!  They can just let all those bad minutes go and make the next one rock!  It's hard and it's a process, but anyone can do it and everyone should.

How do you let go of the crap that weighs you down?