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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Thing About Having 2 Kids

So, my life lately has been a series of putting out fires that Miss A started.  The problem with that, you know, aside from me going slowly insane, is that I have have another child.

I have another child who just turned 10 and is doing really well in school.  She is working hard in her extra curricular activities.  She follows the rules, mostly.  And she's suffering because the teenager won't just put her shit on pause for a little bit.

We've both made, and continue to make, the effort to do special things with CC.  To make sure that she still gets to do the stuff she wants to do.  To make sure that her home is still a safe space for her.
To make sure that her childhood isn't completely screwed because Miss A is acting out.

It's freaking hard!

I feel so bad when dinner is late because we have to have a conversation with Miss A about her behavior.

I feel terrible when I'm stressed beyond words and it's time to read Harry Potter with CC.

It's not fair.

I also have to remember that just because CC does something that's not as bad as what Miss A does, it's not excusable.  I need to remember that I am not parenting by comparison.  I did for a bit and CC developed quite the attitude.  I had to remember that just as it's not fair for CC to have to deal with the crap made by Miss A, it's also not fair for my expectations of CC to diminish.

So, we will go to her math competition.  We will make sure she gets to her baton twirling lessons.  We will read every night.  And we will keep holding her accountable when she needs it.

Parenting 2 kids when one is demanding all the parenting is really freaking hard.

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